Customer Reviews at Rendez-Vous Nissan in Hawkesbury

Thank you!
Published June 13, 2017
Thank you to Serge and his team! I love my new Rogue!
Alain Lavoie

Finest Nissan agency in the Country
Published May 13, 2015
Good morning Doug,

I had planned to write to you shortly after my incredible day at Rendezvous Nissan on my Birthday 31 March 2015  but even people who are retired sometimes have very busy days and that includes me and I must apologize for being a little late with my note of appreciation.

What an experience in buying my new  2015 Nissan Altima SL on my actual Birthday and all of your people made it a very special day for me.

I have been buying Nissan cars at your agency  ever since the year 2000 and I have always been very well looked after by your team of professionals.

I believe it is because of your teams attention to detail and pride of your products that makes your dealership very special to all of your customers and your own "hands on" approach each and every day to your customers and employees.

When I arrived on 31 Mar to pick up my new car I was very warmly greeted by all of your employees who I met that day and I was given a lovely Birthday card with each of your employees signatures and I was very touched by that simple action.

Not only that but I was given a Tim Horton's special card to use at their outlets and when I was shown the new car it was full of Helium filled balloons which only added to my exciting day as who is ever given a car full of red balloons?

I was so impressed by all of your people as they made me feel like a King!

The staff that I must mention as they were really terrific were  Steven, Jason, Maxime, Aaron, Sue and Amie in Sales and Pierre, Daniel, Barry, Monique and Carl in Service.

Each and every one of them were outstanding and I would ask you to thank them all for me once again for giving me such a special day.

Extra special thanks too for Diane, Maxime, Sue and Amie for being so patient with me during the time when I was deciding whether to replace my 2012 Altima or not - they made it easy for me to make my final decision.

There are many other people at your Agency who provide great service too but who I never meet but I did talk to Louise a lot on the phone and she was always very charming.

Congratulations Doug for having one of the finest if not, the Finest Nissan agency in the Country with the best employees.

Yours sincerely and with many thanks,

David R.
Hudson, Quebec
David R.

Kevin Rivette testimony
Published May 15, 2015
My wife and I recently purchased a 2010 Nissan Versa from your dealership and allow me to share a testimonial of our experience and I will say nothing but positive from start to finish! Mike , our salesperson helped us from start to finish, the Business Manager Sue was amazing to deal with and what made me finalize my purchase was a simple few words:" Tell us what we need to do to earn your business!" , the negotiation was done as was the deal! Pierre in service and his team!!! Professional in every way! Explained a few of my concerns as a first time Nissan Owner, talk to his service techs , looked over the concerns , addressed them with no misunderstandings or additional "hook you into service that you don't need stuff " , and made my experience a true and honest one! I thank them for the integrity in service...and in today's competitive market... That says Volumes! Merci Rendez -vous Nissan. Ça serais pas notre dernière rendez-vous avec vous!
Kevin Rivette

Thanks to the team
Published April 6, 2015
Thanks to the Rendez-Vous Nissan team, I can finally own a vehicle that fits my needs.

Thank you!

Robert Roussin

Testimony Mr. Faubert
Published January 25, 2014
Very good service, always smiling and good availability. We are always satified with Rendez Vous Nissan, and we tell people we meet! Thank you
Mr. Faubert

Testimony G. Langlois
Published January 13, 2014

I'd like to express in writing the consequences of my adventure in the course of Wednesday night's snowstorm. On my return from Mont Tremblant I decided to take the Kilmar Road south to get to Rte 148 and home. En route, I hit a deep pothole and ruptured a tire on the Audi. There I was, in the car, trying to understand the instructions on how to get the little car jack to unravel, and indeed, how to get the bolt caps off the wheel. All this in a snowstorm, wet, cold, windy and generally rotten conditions. Along comes a car and a chap who enquires if I need help. I explain what happened, he examines the wheel, and proceeds to go about getting the site prepared for the wheel change. No waiting around, no posturing, just 'getting it done'. He simply took it upon himself to jack up the car (eventually with his own jack) and change to the spare. All this through a wet, filthy night, with bare hands and not a cuss word or exclamation, even when the car moved a touch on the jack. He got it done. He refused to take any payment, but I insisted and he still refused. I eventually won that battle, but I felt it incubent upon me to let you know that he is one of your mechanics at Rendez Vous Nissan, and I have to say he was a savior in the middle of nowhere up the Kilmar Road that night. Jeff Heatlie..... and you have every right to be very proud of this man for the 'service rendered' to a stranger. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to Jeff for his assistance.

Gerard E. Langlois

Testimony Mrs. Campagna
Published December 11, 2013
A thousand thank yous for the great service offered, with such kindness and professionalism.
Mrs. Campagna

Testimony M. Michel
Published December 11, 2013
Maxime is a sales consultant that does your dealership proud. His product knowledge is exceptional! THE BEST SERVICE DEPARTMENT OF ANY DEALERSHIP!
M. Michel

Testimony José Castells
Published March 1, 2013
Thank you for your advice!

Thank you for your advice! My car doesn't make the strange noise as it used to do.  
José Castells

Testimony François Narbonne
Published March 1, 2013
It was a smooth ride dealing with your team

« Buying a car has not always been an easy ride. Of course there's always a hot deal, but what I like to consider most is the attention we give for my personal needs. Thanks Éric Favreau !
François Narbonne


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