Financing 2nd & 3rd Chance Credit


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Second and third chance credit financing (otherwise known as Non-Prime or Sub-Prime) can sometimes scare customers who are told by some that it is not a good option from a financial point of view.
That said, for some buyers, 2nd and 3rd chance credit is the only option when it comes time to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle, and the good news is that in many cases, this type of financing can help restore our credit over time.

So we shouldn't be afraid of a second or third chance financing, but we do need to make sure we understand the implications.



What Is Second Financing and Third Chance Credit?

As the name suggests, the principle behind second or third chance credit is to offer people who have previously had credit difficulties an opportunity to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. Since we still need a vehicle and it is often impossible to acquire that vehicle by making a cash purchase, some financial institutions are ready to offer financing solutions at rates that are somewhat higher in order to facilitate the purchase of a vehicle in spite of previous credit problems.

You Have Many Customers Who Take Second or Third Chance Credit Loan?

Currently, about 55 percent of the population need to call upon a specialized type of credit. In other words, buyers should know that if they do need to look into a second or third chance credit loan, they certainly are not the only ones. Sometimes, this type of loan is necessary in order to rebuild your credit.

Do Is It Possible to Rebuild Our Credit Score with Second and Third Chance Credit?

Yes, and in fact it is sometimes the only way. Of course, it won't be enough to simply pay off our car loan. We must also make sure we respect our other engagements (cell phone, credit card, and mortgage, for example).

By doing so, we are showing that we are able to meet our commitments and over time, financial institutions will be ready to grant us a loan at a favorable rate. Often people will find that the financing terms are less advantageous, and they will think that they are better to wait, but until they show that they can meet their financial obligations, they won't have access to better financing terms. It is by maintaining our credit and using it properly that we improve our loan terms.

For more information on second and third chance credit financing solutions offered at Rendez Vous Nissan, and how these financing plans can help you restore your credit, contact Maxime Riopel today at 613-632-8816 or by email:

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