Your Vehicle's Maintenance History

Do you do your own oil changes and maintenance? 


Most of clients are unaware that they are required by both the manufacturer of their vehicle and/or extended warranty provider that they are not only required to have their vehicle serviced at an authorized repair facility, but they are obliged to keep the complete running maintenance history of their vehicle up to date.

Why is it important to have a complete running history of your vehicle? Before we answer that question, take a look at the following scenario: The following video depicts the shortcomming of incomplete documentation in order to make a warranty claim...and this one is a BIG one!


No warranty. However, there is a very simple solution.

Whether you have a new or used vehicle, protect your investment with an extended warranty from Rendez Vous Nissan.

When you purchased an extended warranty from us and maintain your vehicle regularly, we keep a running history of the maintenance and repairs performed on your vehicle. No paperwork to file cabinets to raid, just a simple phone call and we take care of EVERYTHING!

Rendez Vous Nissan goes the EXTRA MILE for its customers. It's not just about the's about your peace of mind as well. All warranties require that your vehicle be inspected at least twice a year to avoid any neglect on the part of the consumer.

Oftentimes, companies that offer extended protection put a clause in the fine print that requires you to do so. We're customers too, and we know the feeling of spending your hard earned dollars on an inspection and being told, "Your car is just fine."

Not only do you come out thinking that you spent your money on nothing, but you question whether or not an inspection was actually done. That's why with your purchase, Rendez Vous Nissan includes vehicle inspections every 6 months AT NO CHARGE TO YOU! No hidden charges, just an full vehicle inspection to let you know that everything is okay. We will even let you know if there is any maintenance you need to perform, like a brake service or fluid replacement, that you may otherwise overlook.

It's just another way Rendez Vous Nissan keeps you and your loved ones safely on the road.

Contact our finance department to ask about our extended warranty options, or call our service department to schedule your NO CHARGE inspection at (877) 632-8816

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