Extended Warranties

Protect Your Vehicle with an Extended Warranty

Changes in the automotive industry have led to the creation of complex, high-tech automobiles, resulting in increasingly higher repair costs. These common repairs can amount to thousands of dollars and are rising as technology evolves.

To shield yourself from unexpected and costly repairs, consider investing in an extended warranty. Did you know that the cost of an extended warranty is nearly equivalent to the expense of a single major repair?

Extended warranties help cover the cost and inconvenience of mechanical and electrical failures that occur once a manufacturer’s warranty expires. But is an extended car warranty truly worth the upfront cost when your car appears to be functioning fine for now?

To assist in your decision-making process, here are the most common reasons vehicle owners opt for a warranty for their used cars.

Avoid Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Breakdowns

Wondering about the value of an extended car warranty? While setting aside money each month for repairs is an option, do you have the discipline to consistently save? Will the saved amount suffice to cover all breakdown costs?

Repair costs can add up

Some repairs might sound simple...until you get a bill for thousands of dollars. Here's a look at how repairs can stack up.

Maintain Coverage Once the Manufacturer Warranty Expires

With most Canadians holding onto their vehicles for an average of 9 years, cars are a long-term investment. Unfortunately, most manufacturer warranties don’t last that long.
An extended car warranty can provide coverage from when your manufacturer’s warranty expires to when you sell the vehicle. That way, you ensure coverage for as long as you own the car.

Invest in Peace of Mind with an Extended Warranty

An extended warranty isn’t just an investment in your vehicle. It’s an investment in your peace of mind.

Typically, an extended car warranty is often the right solution if you’re someone who worries about things like:

  • Paying for unexpected, expensive car repairs
  • Living without your vehicle while it’s in for repairs
  • Ensuring your vehicle lasts a long time beyond the factory warranty

You’ll get peace of mind in knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected. For many car owners, this kind of assurance is priceless.

Guidelines for Extended Warranties

Any warranties included with the purchase of your vehicle (Nissan or otherwise), require that your vehicle be inspected at least twice a year (every 6 months) in order to ensure that the vehicle is well maintained with the parameters of your warranty contract. Failure to do so can result in your warranty being suspended or cancelled.

The service department at Rendez Vous Nissan provides you with 2 FREE vehicle inspections per year, in order to keep your vehicle in tip top-shape and to ensure all warranty repairs are completed and paid for by your warranty investment.

Not only will your vehicle keep its new feel, but keeping up your maintenance will also provide you with a higher trade-in value, should you decide to buy another vehicle down the road.

It is also important that you keep ALL maintenance records in order to avoid any issues when making warranty claims.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call our service department at (613) 632-8816.

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