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Rendez-Vous Nissan Coverage

Are You Covered? Explore Family & Payment Protection Options for Your Vehicle Loan When financing a car, ensuring protection against unforeseen circumstances is crucial. Alongside additional collision insurance, consider family and payment protection for comprehensive coverage.

Family Protection

Safeguard your dependants in case of an untimely death, leaving them with a paid asset. Coverage lasts the loan duration, with options for shorter terms. No medical exam required. Contact us to learn more.

Payment Protection

Protect yourself in the event of an extended disability, regardless of where the injury occurs. Your loan is paid directly to the creditor if you're unable to earn income due to illness or injury. Learn more by getting in touch with us.

Rendez Vous Nissan's financing department offers assistance with family and payment protection for your car loan. These programs offer numerous advantages over other insurance types, including tax-free claim payments directly to your lender, no repayment requirement, and customizable coverage options. Enrollment is easy and voluntary, with coverage starting at the beginning of your financing term. Both the main driver and cosigner (if present) can benefit from these plans. Customize your coverage today to suit your individual needs.

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