Testimony G. Langlois


I'd like to express in writing the consequences of my adventure in the course of Wednesday night's snowstorm. On my return from Mont Tremblant I decided to take the Kilmar Road south to get to Rte 148 and home. En route, I hit a deep pothole and ruptured a tire on the Audi. There I was, in the car, trying to understand the instructions on how to get the little car jack to unravel, and indeed, how to get the bolt caps off the wheel. All this in a snowstorm, wet, cold, windy and generally rotten conditions. Along comes a car and a chap who enquires if I need help. I explain what happened, he examines the wheel, and proceeds to go about getting the site prepared for the wheel change. No waiting around, no posturing, just 'getting it done'. He simply took it upon himself to jack up the car (eventually with his own jack) and change to the spare. All this through a wet, filthy night, with bare hands and not a cuss word or exclamation, even when the car moved a touch on the jack. He got it done. He refused to take any payment, but I insisted and he still refused. I eventually won that battle, but I felt it incubent upon me to let you know that he is one of your mechanics at Rendez Vous Nissan, and I have to say he was a savior in the middle of nowhere up the Kilmar Road that night. Jeff Heatlie..... and you have every right to be very proud of this man for the 'service rendered' to a stranger. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to Jeff for his assistance. 

Gerard E. Langlois